Paper Mill Nozzles

Ruby Trim Needle Jet Nozzles

  • Patented orifice insert system
  • Mechanically assembled, no adhesive construction
  • Longer life and pressure range
  • Optional filter screens for all pipe sizes

Ruby Needle Jet Shower Nozzles

  • Unique no adhesive construction
  • Resist premature orifice dislodgement
  • Conventional washer and o-ring seal options
  • Bullet design & extension tube disc option

SD Stainless Shower Disc Nozzles

  • Precision stainless shower nozzle
  • Universal Fit
  • Use in Snap-Disc easy fit shower head system
  • Various flow sizes and profiles available

Snap Disc Shower Nozzles

  • Eliminates disc misalignment
  • No threads no tools
  • Easy pre-assembly
  • Positive seal / location
  • Can only be installed one way