CIP Tank Cleaning

M-SERIESTM   and C.I.P Tank cleaning

CIP Spiral FreezerSpray Nozzle Engineering is a World recognised supplier and manufacturer of C.I.P – Tank cleaning technology and systems. As the inventor of the M-Series C.I.P spray nozzles designed to provide superior tank cleaning results at low operating pressures.  The M-Series rotating action utilises Flow-Step™ Technology – concentrated streams of higher impact liquid delivering more efficient distribution, greater impact and faster C.I.P cycles*. This means less waste water and chemical treatment costs, saving you time and money.   Along with the M-Series, Spray Nozzle Engineering has a full range of tank cleaning nozzle tech

CIP Hose reel

nology, to clean the smallest containers to the largest vessels and chambers. From motorised high pressure nozzles, to low pressure higher flow options, including custom hose reeling systems to eliminate the need for confined space and human intervention in the cleaning cycle, SNE can advise how to safely, economically and effectively reduce cleaning cycle times and water / chemic

al use. SNE can also supply hose handling and automated C.I.P Hose Reel Systems, for Larger Tank – chamber cleaning applications.

Mini M-70LF Washdown Gun

  • Unique low flow pintle
  • Approved smart-water star rating
  • Lower flow than standard Mini M-70
  • Water saving with variable spray pattern trigger action

M-Series Tank Cleaning Nozzle

  • Patented Flow-Step technology
  • Low atomising - more impact
  • Self cleaning design
  • Direct spray ball replacement

CIP Tank Cleaning Hose Reel Systems

  • Safer CIP hose handling
  • Reduced confined space entry
  • Electric motor for staged cleaning
  • Safer rewind speeds