Food and Beverages

Offering total spraying solutions to the food and beverage industries

Custom Spray Nozzle Solutions - Food and Beverage

Custom Spray Nozzle Solutions – Food and Beverage

Spray Nozzle Engineering is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Spray Technology, for applications including Coating, Spraying, Cleaning, Drying and more. With a product for every process, Spray Nozzle assists customers in the Food, Beverage, Dairy, Spray Drying, Wine, Brewing, Dry Goods and Packaging Industries; offering total spraying solutions for all your needs.

With offices in New Zealand and Australia, as well as distributors World Wide, they provide Technical development and a Customer Support Team that can assist with both an engineered and patented product for even the most difficult or precision spraying solution in spray dry, tank cleaning, wash down and more with focus in safety, hygiene, cost and time savings; innovative design and ergonomic features.

For over Three Decades, Spray Nozzle Engineering manufacture and supply nozzles and spraying solutions for drying, blowing, sorting,

ejecting, coating, humidifying, mixing, cleaning, cooling, washing, sanitising, foaming, lubricating, as well as unique wash down systems incorporating Safer Hose Reels for Safer Hose Handling Solutions . They have

engineered patented products and represent world leaders as exclusive partners in fluid transfer and distribution, and safer compressed air nozzle and blow down applications. Saving water, energy, and costs whilst increasing safety and productivity.

Dip-Pro Check Valves for Spray Drying

  • The Drip-Pro check valve, also known as non-return valve and reflux valve
  • Works automatically without external control or intervention
  • The check valve allows fluid (liquid or gas) to flow in only one direction

Turf Care Hose Reels – Reel Tuff™

  • Reel in Control. Long range remote control with channel hop
  • Patented no-belt direct drive system
  • Long life galvanised finish does not require painting
  • Quick change stainless hubs on all models

Spray Chilling Nozzles for the Meat Industry

  • Unique design from years of experience
  • Special diaphragm check valve for even opening and closing pressure
  • Low drift nozzle technology for targeted cooling & wetting
  • Various twin and single spray nozzle options available

Mini M-70LF Washdown Gun

  • Unique low flow pintle
  • Approved smart-water star rating
  • Lower flow than standard Mini M-70
  • Water saving with variable spray pattern trigger action

CIP Tank Cleaning Hose Reel Systems

  • Safer CIP hose handling
  • Reduced confined space entry
  • Electric motor for staged cleaning
  • Safer rewind speeds

Click&Dry Spray Dry Nozzles

  • Improved hygienic internals
  • Axial Seal stops radial O-ring pinch leaks
  • Low bearding outer cap design
  • Reduced operating costs