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Spray Nozzle Engineering - Total Spraying Solutions

Servicing all industries with the latest spraying technology

Spray Nozzle Engineering is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of industrial spray technology and accessories. The group designs, manufactures and  distributes solutions for applications including: coating, spraying, cleaning, drying, dust control, humidification, spray and more.

Spray Nozzle Engineering offers total spraying solutions to industries such as: food and beverage, dairy, spray drying, wine, brewing, dry goods, pharmaceutical, fire protection, environmental control, pulp and paper, waste water, agriculture and packaging.

With offices in New Zealand and Australia, as well as distributors worldwide, the Spray Nozzle Engineering provides technical development and a customer support team that can assist with an engineered product solution.

Spray Nozzle Engineering has a focus in: safety, hygiene, cost reduction, time savings, innovative designs and ergonomic features, for the most difficult or precision spraying solution in spray dry, tank cleaning and washdown.

Spray Nozzle Engineering: Offering total spraying solutions

Since 1988, Spray Nozzle Engineering has been manufacturing and supplying nozzles and spraying solutions for: drying, blowing, sorting, ejecting, coating, humidifying, mixing, cleaning, cooling, washing, sanitising, foaming and lubricating; as well as, unique washdown systems incorporating safer hose reels for safer hose handling solutions.

The group has engineered patented products and represent world technology leaders as exclusive partners in fluid transfer and distribution, safer compressed air nozzle, blow down applications, and fluid atomisation technology while saving water, energy, and costs whilst increasing safety and productivity.

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Spray Nozzle Engineering is a world leader in patented spraying solutions

Solutions that we offer:

  1. Food and Beverage
  2. Pulp and Paper
    • Chemical Injection
    • Deluge / Impact Washing
    • Tank cleaning rotating CIP nozzles
    • Dust Suppression
    • Washdown and Foam Application
    • Conveyor Lubrication
    • Edge Trimming nozzles
    • Nozzles for gluing
    • Paper mill nozzles
  3. Mining
  4. Fire Protection
  5. Tank Cleaning
    • Tank cleaning rotating CIP nozzles
    • Industrial wash tank nozzles
    • Stainless steel spray balls
    • Tank washing nozzles
    • Rotating spray bar
    • Spray ball nozzles
    • Oil and gas storage tanks nozzles
    • Tank cleaning for brew kettles
    • Tank cleaning for cooking kettles
    • Drilling mud tanks nozzles
  6. Spray Drying Solutions
    • Rotating spray bar
    • Spray equipment
    • Spray drying nozzles
    • Spray lances
    • Spray products for food processors
    • Spray bars
    • High pressure spray nozzles
  7. Chemical Solutions
    • Gas Scrubbing nozzles
    • Air Stripping and Spray Aeration
    • Toxic Gas Mitigation
    • Coating nozzles
    • Tank mixing nozzles
    • Pollution control nozzles
    • Flue gas desulphurisation
    • NOx scrubbing
  8. Washdown Equipment
    • Pressure washer nozzle
    • Industrial high pressure hand held water pistols
    • Water gun for cleaning
    • Pressure washer gun and lance
    • Washdown supplies
    • High pressure hose nozzle
    • Washdown valves
    • Steam water mixers
  9. Compressed Air
    • Compressed air blower
    • Cold air spray
    • Nozzle air blow
    • Air guns and air nozzles
    • Air knives
    • Silencers
    • Washdown valves
    • Steam water mixers
  10. Foamers and Sanitisers
    • Foaming systems
    • Foam nozzles
    • Nozzle air blow
    • Pressure washer foamers
    • Wall mounted foamers
    • Portable foamers

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