• Ruby Trim Needle Jet Nozzles
  • Ruby Trim Needle Jet Nozzles
  • Needle jet - Air shield system

Ruby Trim Needle Jet Nozzles

  • Patented orifice insert system
  • Mechanically assembled, no adhesive construction
  • Longer life and pressure range
  • Optional filter screens for all pipe sizes

The Ruby Trim Needle Jet Nozzles features the Patented Orifice Insert System

Spray Nozzle Engineering has developed a patented Orifice Insert System on all Ruby nozzles. This mechanical sealing method does not rely on outdated adhesive anchors; reducing the risk of premature orifice dislodgement resulting from water hammer, line shock or cleaning operations.

Standard orifice materials available:– RUB – Ruby.


High Impact needle jet (0º spray angle) available in two body configurations (Flat and angle).


Trim squirt or deckle cutting in pulp and paper mills, process equipment or when a high impact and hard wearing needle jet is required.


316 stainless steel body complete with a high grade Ruby insert.


1/8″ BSP or NPT pencil and protected body nozzles (Adaptors available on request).


Needle jet - Air shield system

Air shield system – Patented Orifice Insert System on ruby nozzles

The air shield system introduces a concentric shield of compressed air around the nozzle tip whilst spraying, reducing build up on nozzle orifice and maintaining  laminar flow of needle jet pattern.

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Performance Information

Orifice (mm)Thread SizeFlow Rate Litres/Min @ Bar G
1/8″ Flat1/8″ Angle361015203050


Body TypeApprox. Dimensions (mm)Weight (gms)
1/8″ Protected Ruby Only (RUBT)46.910.513
1/8″ Pencil Ruby Only (RUBS)3510.512
Standard Filter for Pencil50.517.525