• snap disc shower disc nozzles
  • snap disc shower disc nozzles

Snap Disc Shower Nozzles

Snap Disc® quick release shower disc nozzle system require no tools

The Snap Disc® quick release shower disc nozzle system has NO threads. The quick release shower nozzle requires NO tools and is able to be retro-fitted to existing shower systems. Forget misaligned nozzles and gaskets falling out during fitting as this complete nozzle assembly does it all. Reduce down time and nozzle change out durations.

Snap Disc® quick release shower disc nozzle system is the fastest shower nozzle change out system available.


  • Positive – ¼” Turn Locks into Place
  • Self-aligning
  • Fast

Constructions & Materials

Full 316 stainless steel construction with various seal options (Buna, viton and teflon). Available to suit variety of spray bar pipe diameters (refer factory).


Snap-Disc® Shower Nozzles suits any spray bar applications (Self cleaning or non) where fast nozzle changes are required or confined space determines a quick and easy alternative.

Suits following spray disc types

Deep DishStandard Dish
snap disc shower disc nozzlessnap disc shower disc nozzles
Stainless Needle Brush TypeStainless Flat Spray Brush TypeRuby Needle High ReachStainless Needle Non-Brush TypeStainless Flat Spray Non-Brush TypeRuby Needle Standard Reach
Deep dish discs allow worn brush engagement, increasing brush life

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Snap Disc Shower Nozzles
snap disc drawing - snap disc shower disc nozzles

The Snap Disc® quick release shower disc nozzle system is used in industry applications such as:

  • Pulp and paper

  • Shower spray bars low pressure
  • Shower spray bars high pressure
  • Oscillating spray bars
  • Water treatment

  • Cleaning rotating screens
  • Oscillating spray bars



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