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Mining Hose Reels – Pit Bull™

  • Galvanised low maintenance heavy duty construction
  • Direct drive gearbox. The safest speed control available for manual and power rewind
  • Auto declutching for easier payout without injury
  • Optional push button rewind for one person or truck mount applications

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Total Fluid Transfer

Pit Bull™: Heavy duty and compact hose reels with patented direct drive system

International industrial hose reel users are turning to Reel Tech, a partner of Spray Nozzle Engineering, with experience in fluid handling. The Pit Bull™ range and mining reels, known for its unique safety design, construction and versatility, has been expanded and can now be optioned with easy to bolt on accessories designed to make them even safer and more productive. Used by Australasia’s largest mining, oil and gas companies, Reel Tech’s range covers all applications and environments.

  • Pit Bull™ saves you space: by using a unique, patented, all Australian designed gearbox and drive mechanisms, the need for an external gearbox is eliminated. Pit Bull™ is therefore narrower; up to 50mm less than competitive reels on the market. Multi-positional mounting allows PitBull to be easily mounted & adapted to some pre-existing footprints.
  • Pit Bull™ saves you time: patented ‘quick change hub’ technology means any PitBull hose reel can be changed to suit various hoses and diameters in minutes.
  • Pit Bull™ saves you money: full hot dip galvanising to all frame and disc components and stainless steel path/hose guides ensure maximum corrosion protection, meaning a longer life span. PitBull is also available in ‘knock-down’ form for easy assembly, saving money on freight.

PitBull Hose Reels for mining industryPit Bull™ Hose Reels: Heavy duty compact safer direct-drive reel system

The Pit Bull™ is a world-patented, Australian designed and made direct-drive hose reel. It combines unmatched flexibility in size and capacity and incorporates a unique gearbox that assists towards a safe rewind speed.

The expanded range is available to suit most common hose sizes from 1/2” to 2” I.D.

Australian designed and manufactured
The unique, Australian designed and made, gearbox and drive mechanism is extremely compact. It eliminates the need for an external gearbox. The “No Sprocket, No Chain” design makes it one of the most reliable and safest reels available.

Quick hub technology adapts reel to all hose sizes
The patented Quick Change Hub Technology means that a Pit Bull hose reel can be changed to suit various hose sizes and diameters in minutes. The multi-positional frame mount base Pit Bull™ multi-positional mounting allows the reel to be easily mounted and adapted to many pre-existing footprints, for both retro fits or new installation.

Hot dip galvanised and stainless steel
The Pit Bull™ features standard full hot dip galvanising to all frame and disc components along with a standard stainless steel hub assembly and hose guide for maximum corrosion protection. Available with optional frame construction in lightweight aluminium or colour coded steel.

Heavy duty and modular
Its heavy duty and modular construction can be used on all indoor, underground, outdoor and mobile applications. The PitBull hose reels can be shipped complete or in knock-down form for easy assembly, which saves on freight.

Choose a low cost motor drive that suits you
Low cost motor options which utilise the torque advantages and safer rewind speed of the standard gearbox include air, hydraulic, electric 12/24VDC and manual crank.

Change Hub Sizes in minutes
A stainless steel swivel can be easily added upon request making the entire fluid path stainless steel to suit aggressive or corrosive fluids.

Sizes to suit all works
The Pit Bull™ Direct Drive series of hose reels is available in the widest range of hose capacity to suit various capacity and space requirements.

Ultra-Narrow design

It’s available for smaller capacity or limited space requirements such as in workshops, service trucks and mine processes.

Also available is the Ultra-Wide design. The Ultra-Wide Design is the widest Direct Drive ‘Safety Reel’ on the market.


Series 147 to handle single ¼” through ½” I.D. hose
Series 147.5 to handle single ¾” I.D. hose
Series 148 to handle single ¾” through 1” I.D. hose
Series 149 to handle single 1¼” through 1½” I.D. hose
Series 150 to handle single 1½” through 2” I.D. hose

Safer direct drive reels:

  • Air or Hydraulic Direct Drive
  • Stainless Steel Full Flow Hub
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Stainless Steel Hose Guide
  • Standard Full Flow 90° Swivel Inlet/Outlet
  • Gas welding
  • In-plant firefighting
  • Vacuum/suction
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics

What makes PitBullTM Reels safer?

When designing new reel technology, Reel Tech’s core focus is on the ease of use and operator safety. PitBullTM Reels can be integrated with a gearbox called Ezi-DeployTM, which is an easy to bolt on accessory for all PitBullTM Direct Drive reels. Ezy-DeployTM is an Auto Declutching System, with no levers, buttons or electronics required; the operator can simply pull and go with the lowest pull resistance. Ezy-DeployTM clutch system offers smooth reel operation to minimise operator strain injuries and reduce excessive force that can prematurely damage equipment. Difficult pull force on payout adds to the risk of strain injuries to operators. This auto declutching system dramatically reduces hose payout force, minimising strain injuries and eliminates chain & sprocket pinch points. Originally designed for Reel Tech’s Firedog range of truck mounted Fire Fighting reels, the Ezy-DeployTM  is now available as standard across the Mining Reel range.

Safest reel for the toughest environment

Reel Tech have released a complete range of PitBullTM hose reels with a gearbox designed for ‘safer’ rewind speeds and with rewind options including manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric. A new product called Safe-R-Reel™ is also available. It helps minimise the chance of employee and equipment damage due to excessive hose ‘speed whip’ during rewind. Excessive rewind speeds in motorised reels, whether spring or electric rewind, can cause hose to rapidly move. Rapid movement of hose and fittings can strike employees and equipment. Rewind speed can be significantly reduced by 30-50% by using Reel Tech’s Safe-R-Reel™ brake cartridge system. This speed control system is easy and inexpensive to fit into many or existing spring rewind reels and protects the operator and equipment. This patented maintenance free Non-Belt/ Chain Direct Drive System ensures a controlled speed during rewind to reduce hose handling injuries. For PitBullTM Spring Reels, you can add Safe-R-ReelTM in full stainless steel that is chemically resistant, robust, durable and offers a high level of safety.

Manufactured in Australia, all PitBullTM reels are designed with hot dip galvanised frame and disc components; and with stainless steel full flow hub, fasteners and hose guide as standard. Your hose reels no longer need to suffer from corrosion as all PitBullTM Reel range are hot dip galvanised, and as standard with stainless steel fluid paths, this means no painting and the ability of the reel to flow corrosive fluid without the need to change the reel internals makes it versatile, safer and most cost effective on site.


Most people don’t know that PitBullTM reels are designed with the patented Quick Change Hub Technology, which allows you to quickly change hose sizes and diameters. Reel Tech has also recently released a range of easy to bolt on accessories for PitBullTM Reels. These easy add-on options such a quick change hub make PitBullTM Reels the most flexible reel and easiest direct drive reel to change out on site, saving time on the job.

Custom Solutions

The PitBull TM range suits most hose sizes from ½” to 2” I.D. hose. Available in ultra-narrow to large sized hose reels. Reel Tech has delivered numerous custom solutions from narrow reels for smaller space to fully automatic oversized reels. You can also improve operator’s safety and handling with easy to bolt on accessories like FlatWinderTM, an automatic hose layering accessory, allowing single operator control.  The FlatWinderTM automatically layers the hose on the Reel. There is no reason for the operator to have to walk back to the reel at all during the operation, as the system layers the hose onto the reel neatly every time.

In addition to the FlatWinderTM  , by adding Reel Tech’s Reel-in-ControlTM long range wireless remote control system, with adaptive frequency hopping, perfect for one person hose handling applications, reducing multiple hose handling requirements. The operator has no need to touch the reel during rewind operations at all. PitBullTM reels can also be ordered in manual rewind application hose application that does not require powered operation or control.