Spray Nozzle Engineering has launched a new Compact Spray Dry Nozzle at the Food Tech Pack Tech Show in New Zealand.
The new Click&Dry nozzle, with a 2 year warranty in parts, is the world first design for improved spray-dry nozzle hygiene.
Some of the key features are:

– Smoother, Cleaner Cap Chamber Design: No seal groove inside cap and smoother internal surfaces, makes cap chamber cleaning easier.
– Seal-In-Disc™: For reduced nozzle bearding.
– Long Life Hi-flo Swirl: With assembly logic, reduces assembly error.
– Concentric Clasp Technology: Achieve better spray performance and increased wear life.
– Check Valve Technology Drip-Pro™: Reduce the problem of dripping and scorched particles. Longer run times.

To find out more, visit us at the Food Tech Pack Tech trade show in Auckland, New Zealand.

We are the world leaders in spray dry nozzle and check valve technology